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When you think of festival catering then chances are that you will instantly think of those stalls and stands that cover the arena space. However, there is so much more to festival catering that you might not see.

Backstage at a festival is a busy place, not only will there be artists and acts milling about between their sets, but there are also a raft of hardworking and vital crew too.

These people are going to need to eat and drink during the time that they are working or performing at the festival. They will want to make sure that they not only can grab food with ease, but also have it freshly prepared too. Tasty, hot and exactly what they will want to eat.

It isn’t only during the festival itself that these crew members are there. There is the set up and clean up operation to think about too. All of which is time that they are going to need catering.


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This is where Gusto Catering can help. We are experts in making sure that both crew and artists are properly fed during a festival. During the years that we have been working to develop or service, we have made food for people at Glastonbury and Latitude festival too. Both huge names in the festival circuit, which require a high level of service.

What sets Gusto Catering apart from the others is that we not only work hard to ensure that we provide a complete service, but we also work hard to deliver food that tastes good too.

Just because you are in a field, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to eat food that is restaurant quality, and that is something which we work hard to achieve. This isn’t always the easiest thing to balance, after all, good food can take time to create and prepare. However, we believe that we can make it work.

Aside from the great food that we provide, another reason to use the Gusto Catering service is all thanks to the fact that we bring our own specialised equipment with us when we offer our catering to your festival.

This means that at least one of the all important jobs you need to do, will all be taken care of.

Whilst we love working with large scale festivals, we also work with a variety of other events that require backstage catering too.

This includes smaller music events, corporate events and so much more. We also have a team of catering consultants, which can help you to think about the requirements that you have and how to put them in place.

So, why not discover how Gusto can help you with your catering?

We are a dedicated and experience company and we are ready to help you to deliver the food that you want.


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We were fortunate enough to cater for staff and artists at Glastonbury!



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